Mosaic Midwifery

Our practice is inclusive, welcoming and supportive of all family structures, ethnicities, races, countries of origin, faiths, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identifications. We offer holistic care for low-risk clients seeking out-of-hospital prenatal, birth and postpartum services. Our services happily include (but are not limited to): waterbirth, VBAC, teen pregnancy, pregnancy beyond 35, LGBTQ clients, surrogate pregnancy, non-traditional family structures. When availability permits, we do accept late transfer of care clients.

We believe that the process of becoming a family is a uniquely transformative experience. Ideally, every person will know their options as they navigate personal decisions: from choosing a care provider to birth location, prenatal screening options to childbirth education, parenting styles to ongoing care and access to community resources. Our perspective is that midwifery during the healthy childbearing cycle is most effective when clients direct their own care in safe and supportive environments. We view informed decision making as a conversational process between clients and their chosen care provider(s). We value collaboration with providers of both medical & holistic models of care in developing a plan which most effectively meets the individual situation.

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