Spiritual Therapy

Many times we not only journey out of our families of origin but also travel beyond the circumstances of our religion of origin. Just like our families, we can carry away many wonderful gifts that will serve us well our entire lives. Sometimes, though, we can carry away guilt and wounds from those religious experiences. A religious history that often damaged our sense of self and relationships just as much as it helped. Our therapist can assist in reframe your past experiences; keeping the best of your religious history and transforming it into spirituality that reflects the present tense of who you are and what is important for you. You get to choose. GLBT Counseling Specialties

  • Beauty and Shame
  • From Religion of Origin to Spirituality of Choice
  • Grace and Pain
  • Owning your agnosticism in the GLBT community
  • Owning your atheism in the GLBT community
  • Owning your blended beliefs in the GLBT community
  • Owing your paganism in the GLBT community
  • Owning your spirituality in the GLBT community
  • Reinventing prayer and meditation