4th Annual Symposium June 8 2018

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“Bridging Intersectional Gaps In Gender Diverse & LGBTQ Communities”

June 8, 2018


Diversity Center of Oklahoma’s 4th Annual Gender & LGBTQ Symposium will address best practices for “Bridging Intersectional Gaps in Gender Diverse & LGBTQ Communities”. Gender Diverse and LGBTQ persons experience multiple forms of discrimination such as genderism, and ageism. These barriers of discrimination intersect, and overlap, marginalizing and disenfranchising minority groups creating “gaps” in their ability to access culturally sensitive and equitable medical and behavioral health services.

One of the primary goals of the Diversity Center of Oklahoma (DCO) is to increase the number of qualified practitioners who are better trained and experienced in providing quality treatment for gender diverse and LGBTQ populations through education. This year’s symposium will explore various topics impacting gender diversity and LGBTQ persons and their families; latest medical treatment options, including theories of mental distress and mental health disparity for populations and subpopulations through a series of presentations by national speakers, leading clinicians and professionals in the field.

Upon completion of the symposium participants will increase their knowledge in:

  • Health Disparities Among the Transgender Community
  • Conversion Therapy
  • Families and Aging LGBTQ Communities
  • Transgender Community and Families
  • Helping Families Support their LGBTQ Youths

DCO’s 4th Annual Gender Diverse & LGBTQ Symposium – “Bridging Gaps in Gender Diverse & LGBTQ Communities” is privileged to partner with leading clinicians and professionals in the field to provide a full day of training with the option of continuing education credit. To check out the Diversity Center of Oklahoma’s 2018 list of national and local speaker go to www.diversitycenterofoklahoma.org


The objective of the 2018 Diversity Center of Oklahoma Inc. Annual Gender Diverse & LGBTQ Symposium is to develop and enhance professional skills and knowledge in prevention, recognition, assessment and treatment of mental health and better awareness of the larger system issues affecting the gender diverse and LGBTQ population. Discussions will highlight emerging knowledge, best practices and innovative approaches to integrated care, with emphasis on increased access to appropriate high quality prevention, intervention, and supports that impact relationships, behavioral health, and spiritual well-being, and inclusive of special populations and cultural/ethnic diversity. Ethical considerations will also be addressed.


The symposium is designed to provide mental health, prevention, and education opportunities for a diverse group of individuals and organizations working to support the LGBTQT community and their wellness. The resulting target audience includes: Friends, Family, Allies, Licensed mental health professionals · Social workers · Psychologists · Behavioral health specialists · Physicians · Nurses · Case managers · Alcohol and Drug Counselors · Peer support specialists · Physician Assistants · Allied healthcare workers · Health education professionals · Prevention specialists · Administrative teams · Advocates · Health policy experts · Public health officials 3rd party payers · Students in healthcare related fields · Clergy · Corrections/law enforcement · Community planning/support

Online Registration Information